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Hello, I am Pavan and welcome to Sneakersays. Today, we are talking about Sportshoesa.Coms Review scam. Only if you have heard about Sportshoesa.Com, stay connected with this blog to know this. The trust score of sports users is very low. Why? The trust score of the website is extremely low. This is a strong indicator that the website

may be a scam. We rated this website using a computer program. The algorithm has scanned the website, looking at the source code being used, terms and conditions, registry, location of the company, and if the website has received many positive or negative reviews. ScamAdvisor uses all this information to create a trust score. Based on our analysis,

we give this website a very low score if a website receives a very low review from us. We really recommend you to double check if the website is not an online scam but really safe to use. Please watch this video, how to recognize a scam website, before you proceed. Positive Highlight

1. This website offers payment which offers a money-back service. Positive Highlight
2. Online shopping feature we are dedicated to. Positive Highlight
3. We found the well-deserved certificate fault.DNS filter labeled this site as safe. Negative Highlight
4. The identifier of the owner of the website is hidden on the host. Positive Highlight
5. The time code and how much traffic is registered. Positive Highlight
6. The website is located in a high-risk country.Positive Highlight
7. The age of the site is very young.

To comment your thoughts about this website and this product.

So today we checked the sportshoesa review and we found more negative thoughts and reviews about this sportshoesa review and  Thank you  for visiting us and have a great day ahead.


Angela Jacquemart
Angela Jacquemart@Angela Read More
Appalling service…avoid at all costs
Appalling service…avoid at all costs. Box arrived very damaged with the wrong size trainers inside. Customer services basically told me I was lying as the courier had left the box in perfect condition…absolute nonsense. I was told I couldn’t return the shoes, even though they were the wrong size, due to the fact that the box was damaged. I feel so disappointed. I will never waste my money on this company again. Unprofessional, unfair, unreliable and completely underwhelming in their service.
phil thompson
phil thompson@thompson Read More
I didn’t even get to the stage of…
I didn’t even get to the stage of ordering but wasted hours on their website trying to order at the last stage where you have to choose payment method nothing happens the site doesn’t register a choice.Next is the delivery option EVRI which claims the isn’t one in my postcode,yet when looking at EVRIS site there is.Im so glad I looked at the reviews and all the problems there especially the warning about manufacture in China I’m sure I’ve saved myself a big headache
Greg@greg Read More
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Jun 5, 2023
Customer service on steroids! Thank you Becky.
I had to return a pair of trainers, made a call and got through to Becky and received customer service on steroids! She was just brilliant in helping me, even though I was ill prepared with the details she needed. She was patient, helpful and funny. She made, what could have been a frustrating call, super efficient and easy. Thank you Becky, lets hope the new trainers echo the call in superiority!

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