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Hello, you’re watching Sneakersays Scam Advisor. Today we are talking about, an office scam or legit, you should know about it., stay connected with this blog to know this. We checked and we are unsure if the website is legit. Below you can watch customer reviews. The review of is somewhat low.

According to our computer algorithm, Scam Advisor rates every website automatically. By looking at where the server of the website is located an SSL certificate is used. Who owns the domain’s name and other public and private sources?

Gatsby shoes reviews
Groom’s classy shoes lie on a soft armchair

As said, the rating of the website is somewhat low. It is therefore recommended to do your own vetting to determine if the website is trustworthy or fake. You can watch this video on how to recognize a scam website as with any computer program. Our trust score can only be seen as an indicator.

First, the website offers payment methods that allow you to get a maniac service. Second, this site seems to sell products online. Third, according to Solfin, the SSL certificate is valid. Negative highlight. First, the website owner is holding his identity from using a paid service.

Second, not many websites are linked to this site. Third, search on social media, we found negative links. No service reviews were found on commonly used review site. Do comment your thoughts about this website in the comment section.

This is what we have researched and told you about the Gatsby shoe review we are talking about their particular product we are just talking about there customer  how they treat customer

Customer Reviews

We collected these reviews from their official websites and many more like Quora and Reddit.

Jacqueline Georgia
I felt sick after reading many negative reviews so I just want to say that his shoes arrived in a timely manner. I’m not sure how tracking worked because he would have received those instead of me. The shoes were packaged nicely. He got the right size. He feels the shoes are quite comfortable. The shoes look exactly as shown online. He is happy with the purchase.

The WORST customer service I have ever had is from this firm. After the first two pairs of shoes she purchased for my grandfather arrived as promised, my grandmother decided to buy a third pair. These weren’t supplied as a 9 wide as he had before and loved, but rather as a 9 regular. We checked the order, and it was true that my grandma had bought a 9 wide. Customer support was called, and they constantly informed my grandma that she was mistaken and that the shoes she received were the right ones. This review wouldn’t be one star if the shoes had fit properly. When I compared the shoes we received to the ones we had before, my grandma gave me images, and they were clearly different widths.

Don’t expect freebies from anyone
I placed an order for two pairs of Gatsby shoes in order to be eligible for free presents, only to be informed that they were sold out and given no credit. This was really bad customer service, and because the advertisement was still up for a few weeks after I received this information, I assume that others were similarly treated.
No return claim was made.
Sizes are accurate.
The product looks as described.

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