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ubuysneakers review

Ubuysneakers review

Hello I am Pavan from sneakersays,scam advisor. Today we are talking about ubuysneakers review knowing if its scam or legit you should know about it. stay connected with this article to know this. The trust score of is rather low. Why?

The trust score of the website is rather low. may be a scam. We determine the trust score using a computer algorithm. The algorithm looks at 40 plus data points on which basic it creates trust score. Shows all third party reviews.

The location of the company. The hosting party used by review the website. If the website has been reported on sale, fake product etc. As the  of the website is somewhat low, please do take time. Check the website yourself. Our trust score is only a recommendation. Positive highlight.

First, this website offers payment method which offers a money back service. Second, online shopping feature we are dedicated. Third, we found a valid SSL certificate. Fourth, DNS filter label this site as safe. Fifth, checked for malware and fishing by Flatstar. Negative highlight.

The track rank how much traffic it rather looks. Second, the register of the website is popular among the scammers. Third, cryptocurrency service dedicated. These can be highly exploited. High brand at low price. Fifth, the age of the site is very young. Do comment your thoughts about this website and product.And check the customer reviews to more about it.
Christopher Randall
Christopher Randall @Christopher Read More
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Aug 22, 2023
great shoes
great shoes, delivery was on time, great prices
 George ndungu ndichu
George ndungu ndichu@ George ndungu Read More
I bought my shoe on this shop on May 11th,it arrived here in italy 🇮🇹 but I didn’t received,it was sent back to the shop because they made a mistake when writing address and since then I have tried to communicate via mail and no one responds my control number was LV772451542CN………….what I’m asking is if anyone can assist me on how I can get the package 📦 or I get my money back please check ubuysneakers review before buying.
angelina@angelina Read More
Fake trainers
Fake trainers. Don’t waste your money. Seller doesn’t respond so basically a scam.
Shame on you
Return my money you owe me.
Paula Milne
Paula Milne@Paula Milne Read More
Fake trainers
Fake trainers. Don’t waste your money. Seller doesn’t respond so basically a scam.
Shame on you
Return my money you owe me.
Obinna Anthony
Obinna Anthony@Obinna Anthony Read More
Getting scammed and robbed!!!!! Help please!!!
Scammmmmmm!!!! Since 17 October 2021 with order number (#12237) I am still waiting to get a refund for an €80 euros sneakers I ordered, which was not delivered because (Ibuysneakers) “doesn’t have it in stock as they claimed” . Instead of refunding me my money or replying my many emails to them directly, after my last review.please check ubuysneakers review before buying.

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